Noah Kort and friends are filming a “Documentary” of Comedy Open Mics and Showcases in Portland, Oregon. Project is named “Where's the Audience?”

After spotting over 15 comedy showcases and open mic in one week in May 2011, Noah got a crazy idea. With cameras rigged inside his girlfriends car, Noah and some friends he picks up on the way, will capture the insanity of getting around the city of Portland, Oregon and trying to get on stage as much as possible in one week. Stay Tuned here for up to date information. Also read it as it happens on Twitter @noahkort

Date Location Time Show Type

Saturday The World Famous Cannabis Cafe 08:00:00 PM Comedy Showcase

Comedy Sportz 10:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic
Sunday Curious Comedy Theater 09:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic
Monday Boiler Room 09:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic

Gossip 10:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic
Tuesday Helium Comedy Club 08:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic

Dante's 09:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic

Twilight Lounge 10:00:00 PM Spoken Word/Poetry Open mic

Suki's 10:45:00 PM Comedy Open Mic and Improv Games
Wednesday Brody Theater 09:30:00 PM Comedy Open Mic

Mount Tabor Lounge 10:00:00 PM Comedy Open Mic
Thursday Beauty Bar (A Lukewarm Mess) 08:00:00 PM Comedy MicCase

Ladd's Inn ??:??:?? PM Music? Open Mic

Dilly's ??:??:?? PM Band Open Mic
Friday Bagdad Theater 10:00:00 PM Comedy Showcase